Royal Abortion (2022) (Part 13).mp4

Life is a circle, be careful how you treat people around you because what goes around surely comes around. If a child lifts his father up, scrotum will blindfold him. It is indeed a mystery how one drastic decision of a person can determine the life of an entire family. Especially the royal family. Watch as events unfold in this Mike Godson, Chizzy Alichi And Sammy Lee Royal blockbuster Movie.

STARRING: Chizzy Alichi, Mike Godson, Adanma Luke, Sammy Lee Nnamdi, Rita Arum, Joseph Daniels, Osadebe Austin Chike.

PRODUCED BY: Arthur Nwawulu.

DIRECTED BY: Malachy Ugwuoke.

COMPANY: Avionic Production Ltd

YEAR: 2022

Royal Abortion (2022) (Part 13)
  • Added: Oct 23, 2022
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